5 Steps to a Successful Sale

Curb appeal is key.

Buyer perception is everything when you're trying to sell your home. Most homebuyers want homes that look great from the outside since that's where they form their first opinion of a property. If a home looks good from the street it probably means the property is ready for a new occupant without a lot of cost or hassle. Buyers can be fickle and tend to avid even looking inside a home that doesn't appeal to them from the street. Our team's real estate experience can show you how to generate the most curb appeal with the least cost.

Cut the clutter.

Staging your home is crucial and getting rid of clutter goes a long way in making a staging work to your advantage. A clutter-free home will make interior spaces look larger, plus it helps you get rid of some of what you don't need before you start your eventual move. Buyers don't care about your personal pictures and knick-knacks – so stage your home with items that are appealing in a generic way so the buyer can picture their own items in your home.

Make sure everything works.

Having your home's systems in good mechanical condition is an advantage in today's market. Most distressed homes can't compete when it comes to such basics as working heating, plumbing and air-conditioning. Properties that can readily pass a professional home inspection are often easier to finance, and are generally more appealing to buyers who don't want to face the unknown costs and delays sometimes associated with major renovations.

List and negotiate properly.

Rely on us to help you determine how to properly price your home for sale and then guide you through the negotiation when a buyer makes an offer. We take emotion out of the equation and can help you make decisions about your home that are based solely on

Seek prequalified buyers.

While many sales may be for cash, the majority still require financing. Avoid the frustration of entering into a sales contract with a potential buyer who ultimately cannot obtain financing to purchase your. When a home is shown by appointment, the buyer should have a pre-qualification letter in hand, meaning they have some realistic sense of what they can reasonably afford.

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